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rant of the year
August 20, 2004 - 11:24 pm

I start my new job on Monday. Last week I was hired at as a rehab aide. I was pretty damn happy about it too. And it will be the first time in over a decade that I’ll be working two jobs. I hope I can make it. But sometimes when I used to work at barton it seemed like I was working two jobs. Next week I’ll be training, so I hope I can do it. Two months ago I was pretty much a bum. Now I have two jobs and I hope to start reducing the debt I’ve created for myself.

Court and I went to today. After I picked up my cheque and made a pit stop at the house for court, we trekked out to god knows what freakin’ borough it’s in. for an amusement park that’s 106 years old it’s pretty cool. Sometimes it smells funny. Like garbage. Especially when we were waiting for fries in the mid-afternoon hot sun. maybe they should hose the place down more often. And use soap. Like some people, you know? They have some of the most wicked old coasters going, like the jackrabbit, which flies off the track when you’re going down the double hill. And the “racer” which you are side by side another set of coaster cars “racing” each other. I think I like them better then the monster steel giants they build now. Alas , they are a dying breed those old rickety wooden coasters…we did eat an entire day of junk food, though. French fries, soda pop, funnel cake and square ice cream. Yeah! My kind of food. Just kidding. They should offer salad or something at the park. We had fun. Favourite rides? Um, that stupid ride that plays loud music and goes around real fast in a circle. And maybe the jackrabbit. We would have stayed longer but it rained and they closed the park early. When we were in line for the kurve ride there were two sisters fighting the whole time, until captain bring down who was in front of us told them to stop. I don’t even know where their parent(s) were. Oh yeah , we also went on the phantoms revenge, which I hear was once the fastest ride in the world. Then they put brakes on the thing. I hurt my neck on that ride. People were screaming the whole time. (no names mentioned) I’m getting real old. And grumpy. But we will have to go again, cuz I had fun. I hope court did too. Thanks.

Now, let’s talk about television. That evil presence in your home. I always whine about not having cable, but I think it would be a waste. Sure in Canada it’s worth it and it’s cheap. But here, all of the news channels suck. Every “new” show insults my intelligence

(well , what I have of it) I mean c’mon, do we need another “family” show where the “dad” is a big ugly fat slob who somehow has a beautiful thin wife and their stupid annoying in-laws pop in every fucking day? DO WE??!!?? Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Between these reality shows and dumb ass sitcoms, and pbs sucking it up, there will be a sharp decline in my t.v. viewing. Yeah , back to the “news” channels. If I hear “local news” one more time I’ll kick someones ass. How stupid are your viewers? Like they talk to you like you are 8 years old. “we’re going live to a tree where some firefighters are rescuing a cat. Let’s talk to the chief.” Blah fucking blah.

I would like to boycott fox and might even do a partial boycott on the simpsons(yep, fox) but those reasons will be explained later. Number one in the decline of America. They just don’t give a crap what they put on their network.

Now let’s talk Olympics. I’ve always been pretty tepid on them, since the ’88 summer games in Seoul. Yep, thanks ben Johnson. And plus when your country isn’t the united states why even bother? Now I know it’s not about the medals and all of that. But you know what? It is about the medals. I hope I never watch another Olympics on nbc. Ever. The always annoying costas babbles on about inane subjects and stupid facts that no-one gives a crap about. And hey , the today show? They’re all idiots. I hope they get stuck in Greece. Costas too. One more week. One more week of flag waving. One more week of blabber-mouth costas and his stupid questions. One more week of cdn incompetence. 2 medals. 2. that’s pretty bad. The stupid government should wake up and think about putting more funding into amateur sports. Canada should have just sent two athletes not 200. bah! And get these friggin’ professional athletes out of the games. I.e. basketball and hockey. Sour grapes by me , I guess. Boo hoo I should be crying in my beer. Oh , I can’t wait for this to be over. You know, it shows how dumb people here are. There was a little blurb in the paper over hear about a conversation between a “local” and some “important” individual from china. And how the man from china knew that Pittsburgh was an important industrial city in America but the local just simply knew that Beijing had a lot of people. Could you dumb it down some more for me? God, now football season starts in a couple of weeks. Either I hope the steelers go winless this season or win it all. Just shut the fuck up. I’m glad I hate football. And I’m starting to hate all sports, amateur , professional it doesn’t matter. I wish I was in another galaxy right now, I really do.

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