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the end is near
October 14, 2004 - 10:02 pm

i haven't updated this diary land in 54 days. that's about how long i've been working two jobs straight up without a real good day off. but i have a few coming up. i figure since i never had the time or energy to fix this up the way i wanted i'm going to let this gold membership expire. i tried to keep up with my thoughts and what's going on in my life, but i seem to be not into expressing myself for the whole world to see. first i have to start expressing myself to my wife. then i'll worry about the rest of the world, if at all.

so to update, there isn't much to tell. court's in philly til tomorrow. kitty's still as meow-y as ever. i've made a few friends at old sbux. people i actually hang out with. most everyone is cool and i'm glad i happened to chance into that location. it's very quiet around here. i can hear the ticking of the clock. even the computer is silent except for my tapping on the keyboard. we decided to get DSL and it fucking rocks. thanks court. you know she could have just given me this for my birthday and i would be very happy. (hint, hint) but i know she won't.

last sunday we had cdn thanksgivng in america. sounds like some dumb-ass movie title. counting this one, that will be three thanksgivngs in one year. i'm thankfull for have 3 and some people have none. aren't i the fucking pig? speaking of pigs...i hid mr. oinkers in court's suitcase. so he rode to philly in her courderoy pants pocket. bah-ha-ha-ha-ha. i was talking to amy today about having all this turkey and crap at different thanksgivings , and there's still x-mas dinner. man , it won't be long until their cranking out the freakin' crap on t.v. and your local mall. but anyway we were also talking about my strange limbo status here in the states. how if i were to exit the country i wouldn't get back in.

i think it's time to try and call court again. the people at the radisson must be getting tired of me calling every five minutes. t.s.

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