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the pig - a.k.a. "mr. oinkers"
July 09, 2004 - 10:43 am

yesterday, courtney received a small but stuffed envelope containing tons of purposeless items. a few of the things were funny like one of those balloons that are ribbed!? i haven't seen one since i was a kid. all sorts of boring stamps. bizzare postcards, the list goes on. but perhaps the best prize inside this wacky grab-bag, was a small toy pig. if it wasn't being tossed around like a missle, then it slowly became a tool to bug kitty. i found a stray twist tie and wrapped it around the pig and used it a leash. the cat just kind of ignored it. so now it's the un-official mascot around the house. i was surprised this morning when i went into the shower and saw the pig sitting atop the bar of soap. i laughed for five minutes after seeing the pig. i wonder how it got there? hmmmm. where will turn up for the next bunch of guffahs?

as for the name "mr. oinkers" that was courts idea. i wanted to call it "piggily-wiggily" but i guess it will end up being mr. oinkers...what a wacky household, huh?

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