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canadian thing?
July 31, 2004 - 3:54 pm

I don’t know if it’s just misguided youth or what. Yesterday at work, I happened to call out a “white punch bug” (and subsequently playfully punching my co-worker – not naming her for fear of embarrassment – for her protection), when she said, “What’s that?” What’s that?!? You know a punch bug…so I had to explain what it was and blah blah blah…she asked me if that was a “Canadian thing.” Hey, I wish, and I wish I had invented it. Doesn’t everyone know about punch bugs? Maybe people aren’t as intense as Court and I – but even we have settled down about it since last winter, when one game just kind of fried out her mind. So, no punch buggy games, and no fun. The young kids today are clueless – old man Pydyn. (That’s me.)

Another example was when we were watching Conan last week, and some ditzy actress from “The OC” was on his show, and he was joking around like he does to everybody, and she was just “what?”, ”huh,” dumb dumb dumb. So it proves why, for the most part, in the last 25 years every actor and actress out of “Hollywood” is a no talent fuck, and when their looks wither away, they’ll be crying their eyes out. OK, I’ve done my ranting.

So, I’ve become a certified barista. My parents are very proud of me. It’s busy at this Sbux, and I usually work the morning shift. Yep, crazy ‘cause people want their triple grande vanilla lattes….ha ha. So it’s like Saturdays at BDC.

My friend Terry was thinking of driving down to see me this weekend. I haven’t seen him since he helped move me here five months ago. We’ll see. It might be the only chance he gets.

I finally opened a bank account yesterday. It was painless. Pretty much except for the $10 I spent on 75 cheques. And, no, I will never be able to spell it the American way.

So now I have a couple of days off, and since Court and I both work now, we hardly ever see each other. I really wish we were working the same schedule, but right now, I have no control of it. And unfortunately, I might have to work two jobs for a while just to get out of the huge hole I’m in. But I had an interview this week, so maybe that will be job number two. As for us spending time together, I’m kind of hoping that Terry cancels so we can have all day tomorrow to spend together without rushing around or anything. Court and I can just “hang.”

Oh, and some customer said I looked like Jimmy Fallon. I got a big laugh out of that one. Maybe his younger brother…

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